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Boom Beach MOD APK: Simply observed on some message boards with regards to this Boom Beach mod, almost all of them didnt function any longer. Simply found its problem and re released it again here, its well worth in an attempt.

Contents Of Boom Beach MOD APK

1. About Boom Beach
2. Boom Beach MOD APK Feature
3. Get Boom Beach MOD APK
4. More Boom Beach Overview

About Boom Beach

Supercell, one of the most successful game developers in the mobile game category, has just launched their new game called Boom Beach. But you cant enjoy this game first because they only hold soft launches on the App Store Canada. This is like they usually do to test the market first before release for the international market.

Of course from the start I used the Boom Beach mod apk to help my trip. I then obtained Unlimited Diamonds that I could use to get Unlimited Money and Unlimited Resources.

Boom Beach MOD APK Feature

Boom Beach MOD APK Unlimited Diamond

✓ Unlimited Diamond
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Boom Beach MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ Bug Fix – Solved an issue

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Boom Beach Overview

I have tried and I will give you a preliminary overview first that you need to know before you play it. If you want to be likened, Boom Beach can be considered as Clash of Clans, but in the war version at sea.

You yourself will play as a captain who must fight against the power of Blackguard who controls every island in your area. The inhabitants of the island were taken prisoner to be slaves. Well, your job is to free them all by attacking each island one by one with the troops you have.

Like the Clash of Clans game, you also have to collect all the resources on your base island such as coins & wood that are useful as a source of currency to buy buildings or upgrade. In addition you also have to defend the island by creating a weapon system that is strong enough. So if an enemy attacks the island, you have a system that is enough so that the building that you have built is not destroyed in vain.

The most interesting part in this game is of course attacking other islands, besides building buildings on your own island. You only need to tap the existing world map and see which part of the island is marked in red that you can attack. You can choose to “scout” first to see the existing weapons systems on the island. If you are ready enough, then you can attack the island by issuing a number of coins.

Your troops will stop at the island along with bombers. For the first time shock effect, you can first bomb an enemy defense system such as sniper tower or turret. After that you have to determine the point on the beach to drop your troops. The troops will automatically attack every existing building. The point is the headquarter building. If this building is destroyed then you will win and the islands civilians will get out of there.

Winning the battle means you will get a number of resources such as wood and coins. Interestingly, each time you take over the island that you attack, then every hour you will get an additional coin that will be sent to your island via ship.

But you cannot constantly find the island that you will attack because of the clouds blocking. So you have to get rid of the cloud by paying some coins.

As I stated above, there will be several currencies used in this game. Coins, wood and diamonds are the most expensive currencies. IAP that you can buy in this game is only diamonds at the cheapest prices. So if you are short of coins when you want to upgrade buildings, you can exchange diamonds to get a number of coins.

I can say, the IAP system in the game is still at a reasonable stage. You really cant play continuously for 2 hours non-stop but you have to wait until you have enough coins or wood to continue playing. However, a variety of help from coins that will be sent every hour and also hidden treasure is enough to make you continue to play without having to buy an IAP.

Oh yes, there is one other feature that you can enjoy that is attacking your friends island. But unfortunately I have not been able to play this feature because there are no friends on Facebook or Game Center who play this game.

Speaking of graphics, the style of Clash of Clans thick in this game. You will find a top down style viewpoint as displayed also in Clash of Clans. Meanwhile the environmental details were presented in great detail. For example, I can see leaves falling when I attack enemy islands.

There is no word yet when Boom Beach will be widely available throughout the world. Given Supercell has been ported on Clash of Clans to the Android platform, it seems Boom Beach will also pitch to the Google-made platform.


But because I have used Boom Beach cheats and enjoy Unlimited Gems, its easy if I want to attack the enemy that I want. I feel like I have Unlimited Everything so that my gaming account gets a lot of attention from friends who are amazed.


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– Boom Beach
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