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About Clicker Heroes

Review of Clicker Heroes – This game was originally a web game that also existed on Steam. Now the mouse-wrecking game is available on the mobile and turned into a screen-breaking game. Then is the mobile version of the game that gets warm welcome on Steam better than the PC version? The resistance of finger muscles will prove it. Similar to the web version, the mobile version of Clicker Heroes invites you to defeat monster after monster to proceed to the next area. In order to step into the next area, you must at least defeat ten monsters in the previous area.

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Clicker Heroes MOD APK Feature

Clicker Heroes MOD APK Unlimited Ruby

✓ Unlimited Ruby
✓ No root needed
✓ Install the apps directly on mobile
✓ SSL encryption on application
✓ Easy User Interface

Get Clicker Heroes MOD APK

Latest changelog:
☑ This update involves small balance improvements

☑ Android 4.0 versions or above
☑ Stable internet connection
☑ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
☑ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More Clicker Heroes Overview

In the area of multiples of five, you will meet the boss who must be defeated by a certain time limit. This boss has a lot of cellphone. Often you have to tap very quickly and activate all the power-ups that are available. If successful, then you can proceed to the next area and get coins. Characters that you can open to help you beat monsters are the same as the web version. You can recruit and improve their abilities by paying coins. The stronger, the more coins you need. When you successfully upgrade certain characters to a multiple of 25, there will be open skills both passive and active. An example is when you raise Cid to level 25 (a character representing your finger), you will get an automatic tap skill at high speed for some time.

Another way to increase DPS (damage per second) is to get an achievement. One achievement is worth one to two percent extra DPS permanently. Pretty good if you manage to get at least ten achievements right? Surprise in the Advanced Stage of the Game, In terms of the gameplay described, actually Clicker Heroes is similar to idle clickers like Tap Titans. But the Clicker Heroes provides something new in terms of the new features that were opened when you were almost bored with this game in the later stages. At levels above one hundred, you will get a new currency called Hero Soul (HS) in addition to coins and ruby. You can use this Hero Soul later to increase the strength of the Ancient that will appear when you successfully do Ascension, aka repeat this game from the beginning again (what ?!).

Like AdVenture Capitalist who will repeat your progress from the start when you get angel investors, Clicker Heroes also has the same features. Although repeated, you will get HS every two thousand levels of accumulated monsters and attack percentage bonuses that are greater than each HS you have. You will also be able to buy the Ancient with the HS that you have obtained. Every Ancient has a special power that you can choose according to how you play. If you like to click, then Vaagur which can reduce the cool down skill time is the right choice. If you prefer to wait for alias farming, then Siyalatas and Libertas are your choices. The presence of Ancient will add to the fun of the game and expand the choice of playing style you want.

Here also the aspect of strategy began to be felt at Clicker Heroes. You must be careful in spending HS, when doing Ascending, and choosing Ancient. In idle clicker genre games, sometimes there are games that require you to open the application to be able to progress and click manually. At Clicker Heroes, I feel that between idle and click is quite balanced. You can let this game play alone to collect enough money to make you a little over powered. Activation of skills and insistent tapes in a short period of time is only done at the boss level. One more thing that makes Clicker Heroes have more value is Clans features.

Here you can create a community with other players by following or forming Clan. With Clan, you can fight Immortals who have very many cellphones. Better Mobile or PC? Different from the PC version, instead of pressing the mouse button, on the mobile version of Clicker Heroes you will touch the screen with your finger. The difference is quite significant for convenience, because with a mobile device you can tap anywhere with your ten fingers (if fit), while the PC version only allows your hands to be in one place using a maximum of two or three fingers. The problem is, not necessarily with those ten fingers you can be faster. This is because the game only responds to one touch at a time. So if in one time there are two or three fingers that touch the screen, then that is only counted one. All you have to do is to pull your finger as fast as possible from the screen, then touch it again.

The mobile version, according to its nature, also allows you to play anywhere and anytime. Progress to be more frequent can be monitored and also faster. Evidently when I checked my progress on the PC version of Clicker Heroes that I ignored for months, it turned out to be left behind from the mobile version that I played in just two days. One more is the aspect of advertising which turns out to be more profitable for mobile users. If on the PC version you have to pay to get ruby (useful for buying certain power-ups that are very strong), on the mobile version you can just watch the ads to get them.

There are also one hundred percent bonus coins at the price of just one ad. Even so, the mobile version also has drawbacks, especially from its stability. I often experience crashes when playing the Clicker Heroes and that is very annoying. Unlike the PC version which is certainly more stable and relatively light compared to the mobile version. Conclusion, Compared to the PC version, the mobile version of the Clicker Heroes has several advantages. Unfortunately, crashes that sometimes come quite disturbing my playing experience. Hopefully in the next update this issue can be corrected.

Clicker Heroes is a game that is suitable for those who like progress, but not for those who are fast bored or dont like to wait. The process of playing for only a short time and then waiting may not be suitable for everyone, but is addictive for others. Of the many idle clicker games, Clicker Heroes has a fairly high level of strategy settings. The existence of Ancient makes variations of play become more branching and invites discussion of fellow players. Clan also makes players more attached to this game. For idle clicker fans, I think Clicker Heroes is a game that you have to try for at least a few days. Who knows the mate and continuity for months.


Clicker Heroes cheats have also been proven to make changes to your game. Of course, with Unlimited Ruby support you can have Unlimited Coins so you dont need to be confused in upgrading the strength of the heroes.


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