Nova Launcher APK Latest Version Download for Android

Do you want to give your home screen a complete makeover or make it more efficient to use? If yes, then keep reading.

Nova Launcher consolidates adaptability with style to offer a different home screen style with new arrangements and designs. It is a genuine fortune for the admirers of Android customization.

Nova Launcher APK Latest Version Download for Android

Download Nova Launcher APK 

If you love changing the look of your phone and making your home screen more functional then download Nova Launcher APK today!

Version Info 

How it works 

The graphics quality of Nova Launcher APK is absolutely amazing. The simplest of actions show an elaborate transition in three dimensions like sliding your finger to switch desktops.

You can also change the theme for your phone and apps with nova launcher themes. Other than customization issues, Nova Launcher enables you to tweak the gestures you use on your gadget. You can even set up alternate ways to make your Android phone shake.

You can likewise modify the icons on your various desktops and make reinforcements of your settings to import them to different gadgets. This implies that if you like the style on your cell phone then you can easily put it on your Android tablet too.

How to Use 

  1. Simply go to setting properties to modify what you need. The setting is the principle menu for this application with numerous highlights to pick from. You can check the effect modes to discover attractive effects. This effect will show up when you slide or click on the icons on the home screen.
  2. Additionally, select the Folder Icons to change the basic icons with various images and graphics so you can remember them easily. All customization and the board are accessible in setting as well.
  3. You can change the backdrop with a new picture.
  4. If you want to go back to the old launcher then just uninstall this application effectively from your phone.


Nova Launcher is a great app to replace your built-in home screen. It will bring you advanced features to enhance the look and functionality of your home screens.

Following are some of the main features of the Launcher APK:

  • A Customized theme for icons

Nova can be used to get different icon themes that are available on Google PlayStore.

  • App Drawer is customized

Horizontal and vertical page effects, scroll options as well as card effects are also available to customize the app drawer.

  • Dark Mode/Night Theme

Many people prefer a dark setting these days. Nova brings dark mode/night theme which you can set for the later hours.

  • Position Sub Grids

Customize your phone by positioning sub-grids according to your taste. Make the home screen more functional with widgets and icons in the grids.

  • Quick App

Nova Launcher is a quick and smooth app. It is optimized with great features and lets you use the app smoothly on any device.

  • Restore Option

Nova Launcher has a backup option that allows you to save all the settings in case you ever need to change your phone. You won’t have to set your phone all over again – Thanks to Nova!

  • Color Controls

Users can now control the color adjustments for the folders, labels, unread badges, backgrounds and drawer tabs.

  • Scrollable Docks

Users can create multiple docks to scroll in between them


  1. It provides backup and restores feature
  2. It is very user-friendly
  3. Helps you get a cleaner homes screen
  4. Allows you to completely overhaul your home screens
  5. There is color management to make the display more attractive
  6. The phone will be more accessible by installing this launcher
  7. You only put the necessary icons and apps
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED
📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 2021 UPLOADED

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